The LYNX PROCESS is one enterprise whose service vision is based on management of competence that go beyond technical knowledge. We add experience in processes and practices that help organizing and improving the using of resources, through the analysis and implementations of action plans aligned with business strategies.

We operate in segments where the improvement and integration of the activities are essential to one whose strategic goals of the enterprise are reached.

    Enterprises look for:

  • Reduction in coasts and service quality improvement.

  • Enhancing the level of the current service

  • Present insatistaction with the current work performed

Main work areas of LYNX


  • MES/MOM -- Manufacturing Execution Systems/ Manufacturing Operation Management

  • PIMS – Production Information Management Systems

  • LIMS – Production Information Management Systems

  • Portals.

  • Energetic efficiency systems

  • ERP system integration (SAP, ORACLE, MICROSIGA and others)


  • Technology Of Decision (Heuristic, Linear Programming and Algorithms)

  • Machine learning and analytics (applied to industrial processes)

  • Automatic Operations (Infrastructure and Applications)

  • Tracking and Multivariable Control of Set-Point

  • Fleet Management - Monitoring Via Gps and Optimization Algorithms

Business model LYNX PROCESS

Business Area

Optimization of the processes, IoT and Information System in real time.


Quality and trust confirmed in mining, steel, ports, transportation and logistic sectors.

Our Offer Mode

- Portfolio of products and optimization.
- Consulting and development of systems.
- Research projects with the support of big universities.
- Decision technology applied to real time systems.
- Outsourcing