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Yard mapping - 3D Tracking

The system has a 3d graphic interface where it's possible to visualize the yards and the machines in scale. The 3d models are developed from the project drawings of the machines and the drawings in scale of the yards.

Tracking of the sampling point or the insertion of quality. The visualization of the material over the steady transporters and automatic set-point in function of tracking.

  • Graphic analysis of battery quality.
  • Differentiates different origin materials in the battery.
  • Selects batteries in the yard according to quality research.

Anti-collision machine system

The risk verification of the collision among the yard machines uses the high level logic to create virtual regions of protection around each machine.

When an intersection occurs in these regions, a signal of reduction in speed or the movement blocking is generated, interlocking the trigger. The image on the side presents an example of the intersection between the security of the two machines.

  • Detection by intersection of 3d solids.
  • Interlocking only in the collision way.
  • Security regions./li>

Lynx Yard Management - Optimization of stocking and loading

A system that uses a mathematical model to generate a great loading and stacking plan according to general data.

When an intersection occurs among these regions, a signal of of reduction in speed or the movement blocking is generated, interlocking the trigger. The image on the side presents an example of the intersection between the security of the two machines.

  • Minimize machine shifting.
  • Minimize diversion of service to quality.
  • Simulation of scenery.
  • Possibility of simulation to blend the product.

Mineral or raw material tracking

O The system allows tracking of mass in the feeding and tracking of the dough in the straps up to stacking.

Tracking from the sampling or quality insertion point. The visualization of the material on top of the steady transporters and the automatic Set-point in function of tracking.

  • Tracking - quality and volume.
  • Protection against overloading.
  • Reverse route.
  • Improvement in the transportation rate.
  • Optimization of the routes and set-points.
  • Scenery simulations.

PIMS - Plant Information Management System

The PIMS is a System of infrastructure of data aimed at information management the process; in its attributes we highlight capacity in developing KPIs, analyzing, visualizing and sharing great quantities of data in real and historical time, delivering the right informations to the right people, in the right context and moment.

Its applicability reaches diverse industrial segments, such as: oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, energy and utility, metallurgical and mining, pharmaceuticals, cellulose and paper, data centers, etc.

It has the capacity to connect to different sources of data, such as: SDCDs, PLCs, IHMs, intelligent devices, Data Banks, Data Warehouses, BI, MES, ERP, etc., what makes it a powerful tool for the integration in the 4.0 industrial universe.

Viewing layer with friendly interfaces, web responsive, native or customized.
Application examples:

  • Loss management system.
  • Stop management system.
  • Energy management system.
  • Treemap
  • CBM
  • DashBoards
  • Analytics

The PIMS is used to:

  • Make the variable and events history of the process.
  • As the central repository of the process data, eliminating the information isles
  • As the process analysis tool: tendencies, correlation of variables, reports, batches.
  • Help investigating anomalies by the operation and maintenance.
  • As the main tool to acquire optimization data to be used in mathematical models to knowledge extraction about the process.

The LYNX has 13 years of experience with the PI System acting in several market segments. Has in its technical body, over 20 specialists in PIMS.

Auto Log - Solution in logistical automation

O The AutoLog is a solution in automation technology and information. Aiming absolute control of truck loading and unloading. Its goal, is to guarantee an autonomous operation that optimizes profit and reduces logistical coasts.

With autolog through scheduling it's possible to manage the truck calling parked at the yard of the unity according to a series of criteria that guarantee the control, security and efficiency of the loading and unloading process.   

  • Reduction of non-productive time.
  • Bigger visibility and organization of the vehicle line.
  • Reduction of the shipping costs.
  • Reduction in lines.
  • Decrease of leisure.
  • Automation of revenue.

Lynx Vision

The Lynx Vision is a set of solution to operation control and fleet management. The Lynx Vision increases production and reduces coast. Know in real time the position of the equipments and its speeds. Have control over the blending in the crushers and battery stock. Alarms control the levels of the contents and its destiny.

With Lynx Vision we have management and visualization of the complete and detailed production , favoring the data collection and decision making.

  • Real production and time control.
  • Equipment route.
  • Position of each equipment in the mines.
  • Line reduction.
  • Decrease in the otioseness and equipment loading.
  • Use goals, disponibility and productivity by equipment.
  • Optimization in time of shift change.
  • Loading and unloading points.
  • Average transported distance.

AdaptLab - Information and Lab Management System

The AdaptLab is a solution of LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) type offered by LYNX.

It's a software where the optimization prevails for the process, usability, distributed architecture (Web System) and completes traceability of information.