Industrial IT Solutions

Integration with ERP Systems; SAP, Protheus, Oracle, Microsiga and others.

Process Optimization

Decision Technology, Machine Learning and analytics applied to industrial processes. Autonomous Operations and real-time monitoring.

Industry 4.0

Management and maintenance software aligned with the ideology of 21st century industry that prioritize reduction of downtime in productions and improved energy efficiency with reduced maintenance costs and productivity gains.


Interface System
3D graphic

Automatic positioning and recovery system. Provides Storage and loading optimization with Graphical Interface for stockyard control system with real-time visual analysis.

Anti-collision Machine System

Collision risk checking between machines that uses advanced logic by creating virtual protection zones around each equipment.

Software Application

Flexibility in the laboratory sample, reduction of license and maintenance costs and greater quality in results.

Logistics Automation

Management and Automation Logistics with customer control, logistics, commercial, transporters.

Integrated System

Ore and / or Raw Traceability System

Fleet Management

Technology for mining industries, optimizing the route control in loads transportation and unloads in open pitch mines.

Storage and loading optimization

Software with mathematical model for generating the loading and stacking plan.



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